Course curriculum

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    UREOS 4.0 Speed Course
    • Let's get going RIGHT NOW! Moving FAST to identify your best potential clients.
    • Crafting your resume' and getting your application submitted to REO firms
    • Connecting with LOTS of Asset Managers
    • Becoming "Friends" with people who can help to get you on board
    • Discovering "affinities" and learning how to use them to warm up prospective clients
    • "Schmoozing" your new "friends" before asking for listings
    • Talking the talk (of asset managers) and saying the RIGHT things
    • How to create your Marketing Package
    • Making personal contact and becoming a known name with asset managers
    • Pushing forward with building your network
    • How to get in front of tons of potential clients all at once
    • As we wrap-up...our journey continues