Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to UREOS 4.0 -Watch these Videos FIRST
    • The REO Journey Begins...
    • Claim Your "REO Blackbook" Bank and Asset Management Company List
    • IMPORTANT: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (Contact and Zoom Meeting Details Included below this Video)
    • Uncensored REO Secrets 4.0 Course Entry Survey (Complete before proceeding)
    • Powerful Real Estate Marketing for Listing Agents
  • 2
    Uncovering Your Local Prospective REO Clients
    • Creating Your "Hit List"
    • Pulling Back the Curtains on Asset Management Partners
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 3
    How to Connect with Asset Managers Who Assign Listings..and Become a Known Name in REO
    • Using Personal "Affinities" to Warm Up Your Prospects
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 4
    Insider Tips for Successfully Registering to Receive REO Assignments
    • The 4 Platforms You NEED to Know
    • Deciphering an REO Resume' and Preparing Your Application Documents
    • Getting the "Holeshot" and Beating Others to the Finish Line
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 5
    The Perfect REO Prospect Call...What You Should and Should NOT Say
    • "Subconsciously" Appealing to Your Asset Managers' WANTS
    • The REO Client Call Decoded
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 6
    Follow-Up is VITAL!-The Virtual "Cliff's Notes" for Keeping Your Momentum ALIVE
    • The REO Follow-Up Formula that Makes You "Sticky"
    • How to Personalize Your Marketing Package to Get an Asset Manager's Attention
    • Mass Attraction Marketing: Mind-Control Secrets of a "Hypnotic" Copywriter
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 7
    Pouring Gas on Your REO Contact-Making Fire
    • REO "Sneak Attack" Battle Plans
    • Unleashing the Shock & Awe
    • Harnessing the Power of MANY
    • The Prospective REO Client Hidden in Plain Sight
    • THE Most Important Resource That You ALREADY Have
    • End of Unit survey
  • 8
    Basics You MUST Know and Simple Tricks to Becoming "Preferred".
    • Understanding Basic REO Processes
    • The Fine Art of Negotiating with REO Clients...Critical "MUST-KNOWS" That You Can't Ignore
    • How to Create "Raving Fans with REO Opportunities"
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 9
    REVEALED: 1 Powerful Tactic for "Scooping" Investor Deals While Sitting on Your Couch
    • Not So "Hard" Money Deals
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 10
    Why ELIMINATION is the Key to Having it All
    • Repelling Time Vampires and Romancing Angels
    • End of Unit Survey
  • 11
    Continuing the REO Journey Together
    • We Have Only Just Begun...
    • End of Course Survey / Testimonial Request
  • 12
    GREO Certificate Exam
    • GREO Certificate Exam

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