Course curriculum

  • 1
    REO Fast Start UREOS 3.0
    • Right to the Good Stuff - REO Secrets REVEALED
    • Debunking REO Myths
    • Creating Your Hit List
    • Moving Quite a Bit Faster
    • The Fast REO Listing Process
    • How to Use LinkedIn to Find REO Clients
    • Easily Building Profitable REO Connections Using FaceBook
    • The Perfect Asset Manager Conversation that Gets Listings
    • Proven Follow-Up Method to Close REO clients
    • The 4 REO Platforms that You NEED to Know About
    • Why Hedge Funds Are a Vital Part of Your Success
    • Sneak Attack! Unleash the Shock and Awe and Get TONS of Listings!
    • Who Else Wants to Join My Real Estate Team and Make REAL Money?
    • Diving Deeper Into REO
    • The REO Rockstars REO Blackbook - Updated (Download)
  • 2
    Week 1 - UREOS 1 & 2
    • The Must Knows of REO FREE PREVIEW
    • REO Basics You Need to Understand
    • Creating Expert "Mass Attraction Marketing" Ads
    • The Real time Making of a Powerful "Mass Attraction Marketing" Piece
    • REO Agent Marketing Brochure (Download)
    • "5 Quick & Dirty Ways to Get REO Listings" (Download)
    • "The 10 MOST IMPORTANT Elements for Creating a Wildly Successful REO Business" (Download)
    • "The TOP 8 Ways to Make Money in REO"-Part 1 (BONUS E-Book Download)
    • "The TOP 8 Ways to Make Money in REO"-Part 2 (BONUS E-Book Download)
    • REO Application Docs
    • REO Business Operational Docs
    • Week 1 Q&A Call
  • 3
    Week 2 - UREOS 1 & 2
    • Cranking Up the Volume for More Commissions
    • VITAL Information You Need to Handle REO Listings
    • How to Negotiate with Banks and Make Fast Commissions
    • REO Selling Agent Contract Instructions (Download)
    • REO Contract Acceptance Notification (Download)
    • A Profit-Maximizing REO Business Plan
    • Building the Ultimate REO Team
    • Ultimate REO Business Plan & Positions Manual (Download)
    • How You Can Use Psychology in Marketing to Get Listings
    • Week 2 Q&A Call
  • 4
    Week 3 - UREOS 1 & 2
    • Landing BIG CLIENTS and Creating RAVING FANS
    • Creating an RFI that Wins BIG CLIENTS
    • PROVEN RFI for Getting Accepted By BIG Clients-Part 1 (Download)
    • PROVEN RFI for Getting Accepted By BIG Clients-Part 2 (Download)
    • How to Easily Craft Effective Marketing Letters
    • Using LinkedIn to Find Asset Managers with Listings for You
    • How to Create RAVING FANS and Get TONS of NEW LISTINGS
    • Week 3 Q&A Call
  • 5
    Week 4 - UREOS 1 & 2
    • Getting Listings AT WILL and LIVING a Great Life
    • "Face to Face" Client-Winning Techniques
    • Investor Harvesting - How to Sell Listings QUICK
    • Can You Structure a "Hard Money" Deal?
    • Secrets to Creating a Streamlined and Highly Profitable REO Business
    • Week 4 Q&A Call
    • NOW It's Time for YOU to Make Some HUGE and PREDICTABLE Commissions...FOREVER!

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