Course curriculum

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    Agent On Fire - IGNITE!
    • Welcome to IGNITE! The FASTEST & Most EFFECTIVE Way to Grow Your Listing Inventory Like WILDFIRE!
    • The CRITICAL Technique for Identifying Your "SAM"
    • 1A (DOWNLOAD) "SAM" Worksheet
    • Why Selling on "WANTS" Can Get You ALL of the Listings.
    • 2A (DOWNLOAD) "Wants" Survey
    • The POWERFUL Marketing Process that Makes Sellers Call Only YOU.
    • 3A (DOWNLOAD) Ad Creation Worksheet
    • How to SAVE TIME with Specialized Marketing Partners
    • "MASS ATTRACTION MARKETING" - The SECRET to Locking ALL Other Agents Out
    • 5A (DOWNLOAD) Sample Program Rules
    • Programming Sellers to List With You BEFORE You Meet them.
    • 6A (DOWNLOAD) Conversation Worksheet
    • LIGHT IT UP! Pour on the Gas and Watch Your Inventory Explode!