Course curriculum

  • 1
    Special 2020 BLAZERS Welcome
    • A Special Welcome Message
  • 2
    Welcome to Agent On Fire
    • Welcome BLAZER!
  • 3
    Recent AOF Blaze Issues
    • February 2020
    • December 2019
    • January 2020
  • 4
    Quick "Magic Minutes" Tips
    • How to Make Outrageous Offers and Get TONS of Listings
    • Smart Ways to Use Feedback to Sell Listings
    • The Easy Way to "Pitch" Your Services at Vacant Homes
    • Why "Mass Attraction Marketing" Gets You ALL of the Listings
    • How to Use Simple Psychological Tricks to WIN
    • REVEALED: The Secret of "DOing" that Top Agents Know
    • What You NEED to Do in Sticky Situations
    • How to Write Rules for Offers So You're Protected
  • 5
    Get a Listing NOW Lessons
    • How to "Un-Scare" Sellers Into Listing NOW
    • The BEST Way to "Sell" In Your SAM (Small Area Market)
    • The Foolproof "FSBO Ally" Program...Use This to List Them ALL!
    • Creating "Mass Attraction" Ads That Get You More Seller Calls Than You Can Handle
    • How to Use "Future Pacing" to Close Listings Over the Phone
    • The Magic Risk Reversal Technique that Makes Sellers Say "YES!"
  • 6
    "List and Grow Rich" Videos (Language WARNING: Not for the easily offended)
    • Mastery Before Reward
    • Working with NOW Sellers
    • Using Outrageous Marketing to Beat the Giants
    • Using FaceBook to Get Listing Appointments
    • Taking the First Step to Listing
    • How to Use Newsworthy Events to Get Seller Calls
    • How Harsh Seller Conversations Sell Homes
    • Creating the "Perfect Client" Marketing Model
    • How to EASILY List Expireds
    • Can You List Every FSBO?
    • Using the "3D Effect" to Get Listings
    • Why RE Ads SCARE Sellers Away!
    • How to Use the Middle Finger
    • Pickpocketed at a Listing Appointment
    • Agent Goes Topless
    • Brainless Agent Stranded
    • Agent DIVES from Roller Coaster
    • Held Hostage by Time Bandits
    • Eating Bloody Sheep Heads
    • Agent on the Ledge
    • I Set My "Practice" on FIRE
    • Kicking Turkeys on Thanksgiving Day
    • Knocking Out Scumbags
    • Punching a Big Mouth Client
    • Seller Tried to ROB Me
    • Smashing My Email
    • 31 Minutes to BOOM
    • HUSTLING Hustlers
    • Swimming and Bleeding in Sharky Waters
    • Ripping the Heads off of Chickens
    • Beating the Preacher
    • A "Fine" Agent Goes BANKRUPT